"Your Things, Re-Imagined"

One Day New Design will give any room in your home a dramatically different look, reusing your current furnishings.

It's fun and it's affordable.

Let us show you.

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    Ever feel your rooms are bland, uncomfortable, or not up-to-date? Want to freshen your look but not sure how? You won't believe how much you can change the appearance and feel of your spaces by using your own things in new and different ways. Choose the room(s) that you want to refresh. We listen to your concerns and your goals. One Day New Design will show you how to make the changes, usually in a few hours. Or we can do multiple room in a a day. Most often we rearrange your things during the visit. We also discuss and create for you a specific Design Plan to guide you in additional changes you make at your own convenience. We'll counsel you on paint, window treatments, lighting, and accessories to complete your look. And we do it all for one flat rate per room, no matter how much time we take to redesign the space.
    With our redecorating techniques, One Day New Design helps you prepare your home to make the all important first impression. We work with both owners and brokers to diagnose the changes to make maximum impact and get the best price for your home. We use your things, but will re-balance and refine spaces so they appeal to as as many different buyers as possible. One Day New Design will show you what needs to be moved or removed, what needs to be emphasized, and what accessories and artwork you should display. You don't pay outrageous fees associated with staging and furniture rental. You pay a flat rate for a Design Plan for your whole house, or you may choose a plan for a room or two. Then, you can implement the plan or we can assist you in that process.
    Downsizing and wondering what will fit? Moving into assisted living? Merging homes with a new partner with a different style? Moving is often stressful and complicated. It means changing everything that is familiar and comfortable to us. Downsizing, in particular, adds another emotional element: Deciding what to keep......or not. One Day New Design helps remove a lot of the worry associated with downsizing, by providing our Downsizing With Ease service: • We help you decide which of your furnishing will create the look and feel you desire in your new space. • We'll visit your new residence and your current one with you, and provide a complete decorating transition plan by room. • You will have your game plan before you move. • This will also help you anticipate what and how to pack, and prevent spending money to move items that you won't need or use at the other end. • All for one low flat rate for the plan. • Once in your new home, we can also help you put all your furnishings in place.